AU 480

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The system has twin sampling capability via rack loading or a cooled STAT turntable module. The sample rack feeder can hold up to 80 primary and secondary tubes in parallel. Different tube sizes may be mixed within the racks and can be loaded continuously. The STAT module provides quick emergency testing, on-board calibrator and QC storage for system access during auto calibration and auto QC.
New state of the art sample and reagent volumes have been reached. Sample volumes as low as 1 µl, ideal for pediatric testing and reaction volumes down to as low as 90 µl guarantees cost efficiency. Computer controlled sample- and reagent dispensing based on CAN* technology in combination with clot detection and crash prevention are additional safety features which result in unique system reliability. The system security is further improved by context sensitive help screens and videos.

The AU480 Chemistry System has a new intuitive Graphic user interface, standardized to the AU680 minimizing any training requirements. A new ergonomically designed swing arm with a user friendly touch screen monitor is now available. User definable software options such as auto rerun via rack handler / STAT wheel and true reflex testing expand the convenience for the user.
Automated low level maintenance requiring minimum hands-on time by the operator. TheAU480 Chemistry System uses dry bath technology therefore requiring no water bath maintenance. Low consumable replacement for example permanent cuvettes, long life electrodes (guaranteed for 6 months), robust sample and reagent probes.

The AU480 Chemistry System combines versatile advanced functions that facilitate high quality testing, improve turnaround time and cut operating costs. To minimize training requirements and assure safe handling by inexperienced staff, we emphasized ‘Easy to Use’ in developing the analyzer.

TheAU480 Chemistry System will continue to live up to the Beckman Coulter reputation of being the analyzer that is “reliable and precise”.

Improved convenience

  • New and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Embedded maintenance videos
  • Universal applications
  • Plug and play calibration via 2-D barcode


  • Reagent reduction
  • Low consumable usage
  • Microsampling ideal for pediatrics

Continuous loading sample feeder

  • Positive sample identification
  • Beckman Coulter flexible racks to handle all commonly used tube sizes in parallel
  • Barcoded racks to define different sample materials
  • 80 samples on board at any time
  • Automatic repeat and reflex capability

Flexible STAT rotor

  • Dedicated STAT rotor with 22 positions and integrated barcode reader
  • Full STAT capabilities during routine operation
  • Refrigerated area for calibrators and controls
  • Combined routine and emergency work area

Large reagent compartment

  • 76 refrigerated reagent compartments
  • Ready to use liquid stable reagents
  • Automatic bottle switch capabilities
  • Advanced calibration
  • Liquid detection and remaining test number calculation

Cuvette wheel with low maintenance

  • Non disposable quartz cuvettes
  • Software driven carry over elimination
  • Dry incubation bath
  • Environmental friendly

Best in class ISE

  • High quality ISE for Na, K and Cl
  • 6 months shelf life
  • 18 months shelf life for reference electrodes
  • 600 tests/hour (if ISE mode only)
  • Same technology across the whole range of analyzers

Weight: 926 Lbs

Dimensions: Width: 57″ Height: 47″ Depth: 30″


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