Architect C 16000

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True Family Commonality

Seamless transfer from system to system

  • Equivalent results across all ARCHITECT c Systems
  • Identical technology, reagents and assay protocols
  • Identical software that is intuitive to operate
  • Universal ARCHITECT sample carrier

Integration Without Compromise

A unique approach to consolidation

  • SmartWash technology ensures no clinically significant sample tube to tube carryover (less than 0.1 ppm)
  • Robotic Sample Handler (RSH) eliminates bottlenecks and prioritizes urgent requests
  • Immediate STAT processing for fast and consistent turnaround time
  • Up to 65 refrigerated reagent positions plus patented ISE (Na+, K+, and Cl-)
  • 215 sample load capacity including 35 priority positions
  • Continuous sample access
  • Throughput of up to 1,800 clinical chemistry tests per hour

Enhanced System and Assay Dynamics

The latest in chemistry technology

  • FlexRate methodology extends linearities and avoids repeats
  • Integrated Chip Technology (ICT) delivers ISE (Na+, K+, and Cl-) analysis with minimal maintenance, low sample volume (15 uL), and within run precision of 1% or less
  • Liquid level sensing combined with pressure differential technology for enhanced bubble and clot detection monitors sample integrity

Weight: 1545 Lbs

Dimensions: 78 X 47 X 49 inches


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